Little Tikes Activity Garden Treehouse – Our review

We purchased the Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse for our daughter. I have to admit that at the time of purchasing the toy was rather expensive! We paid £89.99! Having said that it is a great toy!



  • Light and music show with what I can only describe as a disco ball which flashes different colours and projects fireflies everywhere. There are 3 levels, dance, colours and numbers. The music is somewhat annoying although by far not the worse! Ashleigh loved it though! That’s all that matters right?!
  • There is a shape sorter
  • a ball run which comes with 3 balls.
  • A mini slide which for some reason my daughter still loves even though she can’t slide down it as she’s too big it’s more like a seat 😂
  • A movable climbing monkey.
  • A door toy can open and shut
  • The layout can be changed. This is my favourite feature. It can be changed from been kept as a square house or been totally opened out.

For more specifications and features you can go direct to



Our daughter really enjoyed the Little Tikes Activity Garden Treehouse. It does have some great activities as a baby toy and a Pre-school toy. She does play with it less now she is nearly two and a half. I think we purchased this too late I would recommend the best age to buy this would  be around 9 Months when your baby can stand and sit comfortably to get maximum use out of it.


The Little Tikes Activity Garden Treehouse is quite big and bulky so I wouldn’t really recommend this if you are quite short for space.

The light show is fantastic for babies and toddlers though and makes it a fun activity toy. I don’t think this baby toy/Pre School toy is worth £89.99 but I do think if you can get it for less then this would make a great birthday present or Christmas present!


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