Mothercare Nanu Stroller Review

We recently purchased the Mothercare Nanu Stroller.  This is out 3rd pushchair for Ashleigh (Yes I am a pushchair addict!). Our first was a big travel system which was of course useful for the first year or so, we then purchased a small cheap umbrella fold for holidays (Which gets battered before it even leaves the airport!). Having got rid of our travel system and keeping the cheap umbrella fold for holidays we wanted something lightweight and compact to tide us over.


The Nanu stroller is great! I have to say I have over the years had many puschairs between all the girls and my biggest bonus for any pushchair is a decent basket for shopping (Yes shopping addict also:)) Most umbrella folds have small baskets which is fine I would not expect the huge ones associated with a larger pushchair. I find though with most umbrella strollers that the basket is often hard to get to and cannot fit much in due to the position of the seat. The Nanu’s basket is great! It is quite impressive for a stroller, the seat position does not get in the way at all (when sat up obviously) so you can fit quite a bit in (Think large primark bag wedged in lol). This is a huge bonus for me as I travel around mostly on public transport and cannot bare to have the handles loaded with tonnes of bags as they just get in the way of the isles on buses etc… I can get the larger bag and some smaller items in the basket and just leave the smaller bags for the handles.

Nanu Stroller

Although Ashleigh cannot tell me if she is comfortable in the pushchair, I normally judge this on the amount of whinging she does, in the Mothercare Nanu Stroller she does very little. She is able to sit properly and looks comfortable, the lift up foot rest is great although she has outgrown this so we do not use it. You can also recline the seat fully but again we do not use this feature as we are not normally out in the puschair when she would nap.

The Nanu stroller is easy to maneuver, light to push, folds up compactly (Not easily though!) and comes with a rain cover, although it does not cover her feet (Why do rain covers on strollers never seem to go past the foot rest?!). You also get a trap to carry on your shoulder when folded (Never used this and probably never will tbh)

Nanu Stroller Mothercare

The negatives: I can only think of one really, that is the folding mechanism. Maybe our’s is faulty but it is extremely stiff and actually quite complicated to fold, you actually have to use your hands for part of it before getting your foot involved, whilst this is not a huge issue for us as Ashleigh can stand herself and wait for me to fold, I imagine the folding mechanism to be quite awkward with a child in your arms.

Mothercare nanu Pushchair

Overall Verdict: I would definitely recommend this, especially if you need a cheap version for a toddler. It comes in many colours and designs and is often on offer. I would give this Mothercare Nanu Stroller a 7/10. Let down only by the raincover and the folding mechanism.


Find the Mothercare Nanu Stroller here >>>

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