This is us:


We set up Baby Brands 4 U as a parents wanting to share our experience, knowledge and never ending quest to find a good deal or the most sought after toy.

Mum offers her advice and knowledge to other parents and parents to be on everything from tips to get a baby to sleep (As if it was that simple!) too weaning recipes.

Dad loves his memes and you will often find him posting the funniest jokes or pictures with you. Parenting has to come with laughs, it’s the only way to survive.

We will be sharing a peek into our everyday life as well as reviewing our favourite tried and tested products. Our top pick lists are great for helping you decided on the best car seat or pushchair or which bottles work best.

We seek out the best deals and vouchers for you thanks to our contacts and often run competitions. So sign up and never miss an offer, joke, sale or article.

With 3 children between us we feel we can now qualify as winning at life as parents. Well they are all alive and well so in our eyes that is winning at parenting!

So welcome and join us and our community for all parents including dads!